Courageous Women: The Journey upward!

Onward and upward .. That’s how the saying goes right??

Often it’s felt like I’ve started going upward only to then take at least twelve HUNDRED steps in the wrong direction! But this time it really feels like something has changed in me – and that’s exciting!


I definitely can still get triggered. I had a bad week only last week where I watched the reality TV show Married at first sight and I became upset when the guy became verbally abusive at the dinner party and almost had an altercation with another guest. I began to ramble to my flatmate about how it was good the woman was seeing this side of him now so she could get out before it was too late. But, when I reflected on this later when I had calmed down, I considered that surely most people would have a negative reaction to seeing and hearing verbal abuse and violence of any kind for that matter .. so I guess that makes me – well “normal” although I hate that term.

Have to remember this because I hate triggers!:

But for the most part, I am able to get on and about my day without being triggered which is awesome. My physical health is improving, I started a full time job – 40 hours a week and for the most part I am surviving pretty well! Still have the occasional fibro flare, just to remind me that it’s still there but no where near to the extent it has bothered me in the past.

Being in a stable, loving relationship definitely has played a part in contributing to my happy state of mind! ❤ It’s great to have my bf’s support and he is very accepting of my fibro which means such a lot to me.

To Zayanah, Momo, Mummy, Daddy                                                                                                                                                      More:

I was saying to Mike today that I wasn’t sure what to write. When I first started this blog I was so broken. I wasn’t sure I was going to get through the next week let alone the next month. I have come a long way since then. My life is so different to what I had expected, completely different job, an amazing bf … !

But, it is only going through all the bad that makes me truly grateful for everything that I have right now.

So, if I can encourage you at all today I guess it would be to say that where ever you are in your journey at this moment, keep going. Put one foot in front of the other, persevere for you never know what is just around the corner.

















With love, Christy xx






About christysarah99

This blog is for all the Courageous Women out there who have stood up to their man and ended the cycle of abuse for them, their children & their families. I separated from my husband in January 2014 due to his emotional abuse and violent behaviour. I believe strongly that NO WOMAN should stay in an abusive relationship.
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